Dr. Amiri offers preventive care and comprehensive treatments effective for both men and women.


Acupuncture therapy is made up of two procedures which prevent and treat diseases by puncturing certain points of the channel in the body with needles or applying heat with ignited moxa wool to regulate the function of vital energy and blood the organs so as the strengthen the resistance of the body against diseases. The science of acupuncture was developed by Chinese people of many generations in combating diseases. If you believe you could benefit from acupuncture, contact Dr. Amiri today.

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Arthrostim, and Cold Laser Therapy
Treatment for Acute Pain

Chiropractic adjustments help stimulate the body to heal itself.  Traditionally, chiropractors and physicians have used single high-energy thrusting and pulling movements to adjust areas of the body.  The adjustments set a series of events into motion. The adjustments produce precise movements which stimulate 'neural receptors' in an area.  These receptors, in turn, produce nerve impulses which relay crucial information to the brain. The brain depends on this 'neurological feedback stream' to update its awareness about an area. Once the brain evaluates the changes prompted by the adjustment, it issues self-correcting commands to the muscular systems, to bring about healing changes. Recently, new ways of producing this important neurological feedback stream have been developed.  The ArthroStim Instrument is one of the most effective and comfortable tools for creating this valuable input in an area. The term cold laser refers to the use of low-intensity or low levels of laser light. Proponents claim that cold laser therapy can treat soft tissue injury, chronic pain, and wound healing. The damaged cells stimulated by the laser produce more proteins and anti-inflammatory chemicals to promote healing.

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Preventive & Wellness Care

Dr. Amiri also offers comprehensive preventive and wellness care, including routine physicals; sports physicals; immunizations; children's healthcare; annual women's healthcare, and gynecologic exams. In addition, Dr. Amiri assists patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, and gastro-intestinal disease. She also provides screenings and health counseling related to sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

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Balance Therapy

Many people take for granted their ability to maintain their balance; however, for those individuals who have difficulty with balance, tasks such as walking or even standing upright can be challenging, if not impossible. Loss of balance can result from a number of factors; but is most commonly related to either an inner ear or vestibular system disorder. Determining the cause of your imbalance is an important step before beginning therapy, since some conditions may be more serious or require additional treatment. Balance therapy incorporates various exercises and muscle strengthening techniques to reduce the severity of balance problems and helps patients compensate for their disorder. Through balance therapy, individuals regain a sense of balance, increase their stability, and become more confident. Contact Med Globe today to learn more.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a form of treatment to improve motor skills, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. Individuals in every age group may require physical therapy for a variety of reasons, whether they are recovering from an injury or surgery or need treatment for a developmental disorder. Contact Med Globe today to find out if physical therapy is appropriate for you.

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Stress Test

Stress tests are often performed on individuals who are at risk for or show symptoms of coronary artery diseases. They may also be administered to individuals who may have serious irregular heartbeats or unexplained fatigue and shortness of breath. During a typical stress test, a patient's heart rate and blood pressure will be recorded while at rest. Then, after being connected to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine by sticky electrodes attached to their shoulders, chest, and hips, the patient begins to exercise on a treadmill or stationary bicycle. During this exercise, the EKG monitor records the electrical activity of different portions of the heart. Any significant changes in heart rate, blood pressure, or the patient's physical appearance will be noted and used to diagnose a problem, if one exists. If you believe you could benefit from a stress test, contact Dr. Amiri today.

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